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Flexibility and comfort of investment

Lowest Price Guarantee

Carat&Co. it strives for the lowest possible purchase price for its clients, but the market is very competitive. Therefore, if the price of the competition is lower but for a diamond of comparable quality and characteristics than the one we offer, we will renegotiate the price at the expense of our margin. Our advisor will review your inquiry and take action to ensure you get the best diamond possible at the best possible price.

Duty Free Zone Vault

Carat & Co. offers its customers the “Duty Free Vaults” service. This solution is intended for the safe storage of diamonds without the cost of import tax or VAT obligations because the purchased diamond is not subject to these fiscal charges as long as it is in this special treasury. We offer such vaults in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Poland (from 2021)

Financial and Investment Consulting

Our financial advisors will help you make the final selection of diamonds (quantity, size, types) based on the client’s defined needs and financial goals in conjunction with the available methods of financing the purchase. Licensed investment advisers will analyze the investment strategy, answer questions and provide the necessary data and references to make the investment as safe and profitable as possible.

Guaranteed Buy-Back Option

Carat&Co. provides its customers with certified diamonds with a special offer of guaranteed buy-back. It is an option that provides safe liquidity for this type of investment. Carat&Co. is ready to buy back diamonds previously purchased from its customers under certain commercial conditions. The conditions of the buy-back are always individually configurable.

Best Insurance

At the customer’s request, Carat & Co. will offer and provide the best insurance for the diamonds offered. We work with the best and most reputable insurance companies in the world, including LLOYDS, Willis & Watson Towers and T.H. March

VIP Financial Services

Carat & Co. in cooperation with renowned banks in Europe, it provides its VIP clients with an exclusive, specialized financial service consisting in the issue of SKR (Save Keeping Receipt). This helps the diamond owner to use flexible financial security to carry out other activities and investments as SKR can be conveniently and anonymously used worldwide.

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