Placement diamonds are a safe and convenient capital investment

Secure your money in the safe harbor of financial
which are investment diamonds

Earn more on diamonds than on bank deposits

Earn up to 10% on investment and placement diamonds per year

Investment diamonds are safer and better than the stock market

Earn with diamonds and never lose money on the promises of stockbrokers

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Why invest in diamonds?

Recent years have been another cycle of economic and economic downturn around the world. The China-US trade war and the imposition of mutual tariffs, also between the EU and the US, worsened investment moods, and this have had a negative impact on all major economic indicators.

In addition, the global coronavirus pandemic has dramatically and unpredictably devastated all the foundations of the economic order and the global economic situation. Millions of people are quarantined, national borders are closed, major sectors of the economy are down in hundreds of countries, and the greatest global economic crisis in history has become a reality.

In addition, the already huge number of disclosed financial frauds consisting in tricking unfamiliar with financial engineering people into all kinds of risky financial instruments such as stocks of poorly performing companies, corporate bonds with an allegedly reliable and very attractive rate of return, certificates of unreliable mutual funds, forex or cryptocurrency speculation. The result is always a loss of savings.

The basic problem is therefore safe investment and investment of financial assets and savings in stable, durable, least risky, liquid, attractive and reliably valued financial products.

The solution that meets the universal criteria of the Safe Harbor in finance are

certified diamonds



Because the prices of high-quality certified diamonds have been rising steadily for several decades, regardless of any turmoil in the global economy.



We offer only diamonds certified by the most renowned gemological laboratories, and transactions are supervised by banks and ESCROW operators



Carat & Co. provides its clients with exceptional flexibility in investing and investing in certified diamonds, as we offer a set of exceptional services.

“I never regretted buying diamonds… They are a good investment”


Warren Buffet

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